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Welcome to FrancoSchool

For your child to develop their full bilingual potential

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Since 2016, FrancoSchool has been supporting your bilingual children in their learning of Academic French. Our school offers private lessons as well as group lessons online and face-to-face. You can also choose to work with your child from home using our online teaching platform.

Why choose FrancoSchool for your child?

1. Allows them to discover their full bilingual potential

2. To develop their skills in Academic French

3. Opens up new opportunities to start French schooling at any time

4. Added benefits from personalised support


Discover our school in video

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Our courses


Our preschool classes

At FrancoSchool, our youngest students (3-5 years old) attend a full French preschool experience. During the 2h30 of weekly activities  they will develop the necessary skills to prepare them for school. Such as reading, writing, numeracy, motor skills, sciences etc. This involves various workshops, music and singing, language games, motor skills exercises, arts and crafts activities among other educational activities.

Our primary courses

Our primary students meet for a session of 60-90 minutes each week. Classes follow the specific program of Francoschool which aligns with Australian school learning outcomes. Students learn to read in French from GS (Kindy), and continue to work on their reading and writing skills by studying novels from a CE1 (Y2) level. The mastery of the French language is also part of weekly learning. With a focus on speaking, spelling, grammar and conjugation.


Our secondary courses

In our high school classes, students focus on deepening their literary and cultural knowledge through the study of classic literature, (novels, theatre, films, art, music, etc), in addition to working on surrounding social themes.


In senior years, students are individually supported according to their course and their higher education project. Francoschool suggests students choose to pass the DELF B2 test which will allow them to study in French outside Australia, assists them with orientation and registrations, French Continuers and Extension elective subject during HSC year among other benefits.

A connected school

The large FrancoSchool family has no borders! Our "French-style" classes are accessible everywhere in Australia since we offer online classes for all grades. This more flexible option allows your child to benefit from the FrancoSchool method and the individualized support of our teachers, thanks to our interactive and fun digital platform.

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