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Meet the team !


Lucile Testard, founder and director of FrancoSchool


Lucile, can you tell us about your background?


"School teacher since 2001 with over 20 years , I taught in France for 10 years, mainly in stage 3, and had become principal of an elementary school of 300 students before moving to Sydney.


I have been teaching academic French, or French as a school language, in Australia for more than 10 years to bilingual students of all ages. I worked in different schools in Sydney, public, private or independent, before devoting myself to FrancoSchool."

How was FrancoSchool born?

"I am the mother of 2 children who were 5 and 8 years old when we arrived in Australia. They were first educated in a French system, and since then have been successfully engaged in Australian public schooling since 2013. I therefore started to build a teaching program in order for them to continue to develop their knowledge in French. Francoschool was born from this new passion for bilingual education and began teaching its students in 2016.

I am happy to offer private and group lessons allowing French-speaking children from the Eastern Suburbs in Sydney, but also now everywhere in Australia thanks to our online courses, to maintain and develop their skills in Academic French so that they can easily resume or undertake schooling in French.

Our team

FrancoSchool is also a team of dynamic teachers, competent and trained specifically in the program and the format of the classes, which take place face-to-face and also online. Get to know them quickly!

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project manager and teacher

"It is gratifying to support the children, not only in their process of learning French, but also in their awareness of the differences between the Australian and French school systems. This awareness is synonymous with confidence, the pupils are proud to go to two schools and really enjoy learning.”

"Being in a bilingual relationship and having been able to compare the different Anglo-Saxon educational systems, the issue of bilingualism among French-speaking children living in English-speaking countries is of particular interest to me. Teaching at Francoschool therefore allows me to practice in the teaching while deepening my knowledge on this subject!"

"FrancoSchool carries out a unique bilingual education project in which I strongly believe and which meets the needs of French-speaking families living in Australia, allowing them to cultivate the richness that bilingualism in children represents in my eyes. For the past two years, had the chance to collaborate with Lucile in the development of the school and I was able to see the progress made by our students over time. I have forged strong relationships with the students and their families. FrancoSchool is also this community that finds itself in the pleasure of learning French!"

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